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Meet the Dream Team

Watch out Avengers, Justice League and Guardians of the Galaxy! Our dream team will put yours to the test. 

This small but mighty team can leap event snafus in a single bound and thwart even the most difficult "evil villain" event issues.

All jokes aside our team has a combined 53+ years of event planning knowledge and experience, we are proud to say you are in good hands.



Event Planning since 2005 with a background in Dance, Theater, Choir, and Education

When she's not saving the day she'll be: Enjoying kickboxing or hot yoga, or outside hiking in the woods or paddle boarding with friends.

Favorite part of an event: When the reception space is fully set, just before guests walk in and the room is perfect.

Favorite post event treat: A diet coke and the seat warmers on high for the car ride home.

Superhero name/power: Often called Mega-tron but believes in fighting for good. Can move mountains by connecting people.



Event Planning since 2014 she loves helping make one of your most important days run smoothly.

When she's not saving the day she'll be: Either working as a CNA in the Cardiac ICU, at home watching reality TV, or hiking with her husband.

Favorite part of an event: 

1. The last few minutes with the bride and her dad before we send her down the aisle.

2. The father daughter dances, something about that moment always makes her tear up a bit.

Oh, also the s'mores! She loves a good s'more.

Favorite post event treat: The seat warmers on in the car and some good R&B for the drive home.

Superhero name/power:

Senorita is what some of her friends call her. She may e small but she is mighty. She has superhuman strength, she can lift people. She always surprises people during her "day job" when she has to move/lift people. Patients especially underestimate her due to her size.



Event Planning Since 2006 with a background in Performing Arts Centers and Event Planning.


When she's not saving the day she'll be: Enjoying camping, brunch, or a fun vacation with family and friends. Also snuggling her new baby! 

Favorite part of an event: Seeing the guest of honor watch their visions come to life.

Favorite post event treat: Something sweet while jamming out to some 90s R&B music.

Superhero name/power: Many call her Aunt B, and her super power is making people smile!



Event Planning Since 2018 with a background in performing arts and science.

When she's not saving the day she'll be: Enjoying kickboxing, spending time with friends, and teaching scuba diving.

Favorite part of an event: Seeing the room come together and guests loosen up and on the dance floor.

Favorite post event treat: Either a gooey brownie or a slice of pizza. She will never turn down ice cream.

Superhero power: Breathing underwater

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