Entertain Your Guests with a unique Coffee Grind Reading "Corner"

Want something unique to dazzle your guests? We have a whimsical and fantastically entertaining experience for your event. MAG Events has partnered with intuitives Catrene Maloney, Carolyn Molshi, and Vee Hendricks to create a one of a kind experience. An eclectic boho coffee grind "corner" designed to intrigue guests and provide them a comfortable setting to enjoy their coffee grind reading. Have one to three intuitive readers perform at your event.

The "Corner"

For your event MAG Events will provide a styled coffee reading "corner" that will include two stools for guests, a table, reader's chair, area rug (depending on location), Turkish coffee cups,  seasoned Turkish coffee (a special family recipe) and eclectic bohemian decor. 

Our Readers

Coffee grind readings are a tradition that has been passed on from one generation to another in the Middle East for thousands of years (since the 17th century). It is a good eye opener for people to look inside themselves in an intuitive way. It is a mystical art that opens up the door for reflection and brings clarity to your situation past, present, or future.

What is unique about this reading is that we grew up with it and learned from our great grandmother and aunts.




What to expect in your reading

You will take a sip of coffee then the reader will flip it upside down until it is dry. The reader will then tell you your story in a spiritual way and will provide a meaning of a letter, number and animal which can answer some of your questions or doubts. While the reading does not tell you what to do or give you advice, it is a reflection and interpretation based on the reader’s experience and your energy. It is a lovely and positive experience that will touch your heart in a beautiful way.