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Preservation Art & Gifts


We have a unique partnership with local handmade crafter The Crafty Hippie Gypsy to offer bouquet preservation and other unique gifts post wedding. Turn your bouquet into a pressed piece of art to enjoy for years to come or transform bridesmaid bouquets or centerpieces into thank you gifts by creating custom bath soaks. Or personalize gemstone bracelets or necklaces to represent your relationship with your wedding party.

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Bouquet Pressing


Let us collect your bouquet on wedding day so we can press and dry it into a piece of art!

pressed bouquet.jpg
pressed bouquet 2.jpg

Floral Bath Soak


We can collect bridesmaid bouquets or centerpieces at the end of your wedding to dry into customized bath soaks.

A great way to say thank you! Choose between Dead Sea Salt (White), Himalayan Salt (Pink), or Lava Salt (Black) to make your soak detoxifying and relaxing.

Custom Goddess Soak.jpg
Goddess Bath Soak.jpg

Custom Gemstone Bracelet or Necklace


We can design a personalized gemstone bracelet or necklace for you and your wedding party.

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