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Why hire an event planner? (our thoughts)

If weddings and other large events were so easy to plan we’d all be in the business – but controlling a three ring circus with a sense of grace and poise belongs to the unique person we call the event planner. Why try and wing it on your own?

Many people ask why hire an event planner? Event planners are professionals that specialize in assisting you with designing, organizing and coordinating your event. These professionals know all the ins and outs to making an event run smoothly. While there’s no such thing as a glitch free wedding or large scale event, having a planner on your team turns the big items small, and the little problems non-existent, all while you get to be the guest or host of honor.

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It takes time to find the right shoes, a make up artist, and the brand of wine you desire. It also takes a cool minded planner with the proper focus and attention to detail to organize all these pieces and make your experience enjoyable. Your planner takes the tedious and time consuming items such as contacting countless vendors for pricing and availability and makes them disappear; they also make the major items such as finding the perfect venue, a fun and memorable experience.

The most important thing to remember is no matter what size the event it often takes the same amount of work, time, and energy. Whether it’s a small gathering of your closest friends and family, a corporate retreat, or a wedding extravaganza of 350 it cost every client their most valuable commodity – time.

Your planner should be able to communicate well, find the details that will make your event unique, and be your representative in the world of event vendors. Your goal with your planner is to generate a vision of your ideal event and find the means within your budget to create that vision and to blend your ideas together seamlessly.

In the end, you should arrive to your event feeling relaxed and joyous, not stressed or frazzled. So when you’re creating that ever growing list of all the things you need to do between now and your event, smile because once you’ve checked off number one, finding an event designer and planner, then everything else should fall into place.


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