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Love Is Love

We welcome all love here. We sincerely appreciate being a part of every couple's day and look forward to celebrating your relationship your way.

H and  C

Hearth House Venue, Monument, CO | Photos by Zara Ashby Photography


D  and  R

This  mountain top elopement is inspired by the warm elements only furs, leathers and a mountain top lodge could capture.  Playing with flannel, knits, and wool, we layered our textures to make this styled shoot warm and snuggle-y. A basket of gloves and a pile of blankets for guests to bundle up with and the grooms wore custom made scarfs in their wedding colors. The stationery tied in the hunting feel of the lodge and the centerpieces had antler details. The naked cake piled high with berries. The table set with slate tile chargers and copper mugs to cheers with.

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Granby Ranch, Granby, CO | Photos by Jonathan Kohlwey Photography

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_MG_4657 web.jpg
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_MG_5408 web.jpg

C  and  K

Excited to play in the newly restored historic landmark The School House on Mainstreet in Parker, CO. We wanted to pay homage to the history of this school house by playing in the world of art! This inspired wedding (styled shoot) captures bold bright colors, lots of laughter and fantastic details. Our beautiful couple inspiring others to love out loud. Our artist painted a unique bright backdrop and runner for our space and our stationery consist of paint brush place cards. Going for a art inspired display we went modern in our table design seating our couple at a high top table with abstract floral arrangements. Our beautiful food packed a flavorful punch and matched our couple's energy.


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The School House on Mainstreet, Parker, CO | David Alderman Wedding Photography


L and N

This romantic Renaissance inspired wedding with a modern twist brings in deep jewel tones, romantic touches, and modern flare. With touches of pewter and bold bright flowers this styled shoot is vibrant. Even the horses had flowers in their hair.


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Private Residence | Sharee Davenport Photography

Rennaissance Styled Wedding-Rennaissance Styled Wedding-0007.jpg
Rennaissance Styled Wedding-Rennaissance Styled Wedding-0111.jpg
Rennaissance Styled Wedding-Rennaissance Styled Wedding-0093.jpg
Rennaissance Styled Wedding-Rennaissance Styled Wedding-0060.jpg
Rennaissance Styled Wedding-Rennaissance Styled Wedding-0014.jpg
Rennaissance Styled Wedding-Rennaissance Styled Wedding-0080.jpg
Rennaissance Styled Wedding-Rennaissance Styled Wedding-0031.jpg
Rennaissance Styled Wedding-Rennaissance Styled Wedding-0085.jpg

S and K

This fantastic couple wanted to make their celebration a night to remember. Held at the beautiful art gallery, theatrical stage, and ball room of the PACE Center, we designed an event of a life time. Guests arrived to walk down a 50 foot red carpet with spot lights that light up the night sky. They paused to take their picture in front of a step and repeat as "fans" cheered and asked for autographs. A special candle lighting experience occurred during the ceremony while Mary Louise Lee sang. Cleo Parker Robinson dance company and Inspire Creative both performed as well as the Mary Louise Lee band. Guests got to be a part of a mannequin challenge and then dance the night away with this memorable event.


PACE Center, Parker, CO | Photos by Maurice

K_S K_S-38.jpg
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