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About  MAG

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It's no secret!

Our team is focused on helping you create a genuine, unique wedding. Our passion lives in the details. We believe in emotional design to capture your relationship and turn your event into a life experience for both you and your guests. Serving Denver since 2007, our journey began in Honolulu, Hawaii in a dark stage managing booth surrounded by artists and a passion to orchestrate an experience. 

All in the family


Somewhere along the way...

I discovered I love getting to know people. That connecting, sharing, and laughing with others is what charges my heart and leaves me wanting to take on the world. I deeply appreciate that I get to combine my love for connecting with becoming a part of an intimate and profound life event. What typically starts over a cup of coffee usually ends with gasps for air and tears down our cheeks as I get to know wonderful couples and their stories, and experience first hand what lead them down the aisle. 

Whether you have a large established family tree and you're starting your own branch, or you're planting the first seeds of your own family. Marriage is about celebrating life's journey and building memories. It brings us endless pleasure to be a part of something so intimate and so profound. From our family to yours, thank you for having us be a part.

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