Lantern Centerpieces

We offer a collection of Gold and Glass Geometric Lanterns to design the perfect romantic, elevated centerpieces. Select your desired lantern size or combination of lanterns (white candles provided) and select with or without greens, touches of floral or votives from our chart below to customize your ideal look.


5" Octagon Lantern


short lantern.jpg

6.5" Square Lantern


tear drop terrarium - a.jpg

10" Gem Lantern


lantern chart.jpg


Gold Mercury.jpg

Gold Mercury

(120 available)

FLower pot.jpg

Clear "Flower Pot"

(68 available)

Pink Glass w Gold Trim Tealight.jpg


(48 available)

Rose Gold Vintage Tealight.jpg

Rose Gold Vintage

(48 available)

Teal Glass w Gold Trim Tealight.jpg


(48 available)

white and silver.jpg

White & Silver Mercury

(45 available)